Karibu Kahawa Camps – Fundraiser

The Marua Project!
Karibu Kahawa Camps

The future Specialty Coffee school for coffee farmers, which will be built in Marua Coffee Factory in Nyeri, Kenya.

In this school, we will be work on improving Farmers’  living by

  • Developing their knowledge, with SCA courses,
  • Improving the quality of their coffee, by working the farmers on the field,
  • Opening a new markets, with new processes, and by developing local roasted coffee for local market,
  • Encouraging Origin Trips to engage the coffee consuming world with small holders African coffee producers,
  • Organising SCA Education Camps, where international students will interact with local coffee professional.

The fee paid by the International student and the Origin Trip traveler will fund

  • Marua Coffee Factory to maintain the equipment
  • The Farmers to maintain their land
  • Their schools for the children
This building will be transformed onto a Specialty Coffee School, made of used containers.

The GoFundMe campaign will help to pay for the containers and the Coffee Lab / Coffee School equipment

  • Sample Roasters
  • Commercial Roaster
  • Roasting Equipment
  • Espresso machine
  • Brewing equipment
  • Grinders
  • Cupping equipment
  • Green Coffee QC equipment
  • Large boiling Kettles

Regine L. Guion-Firmin.