Karibu Kahawa Camps

SCA Education at Origin / Origin Trips

Karibu Kahawa Camps – Fundraiser Camps

How Karibu Kahawa Camps work for small holder Coffee Producers

Karibu Kahawa Camps will host monthly SCA camps and origin trip to Nyeri and Kiambu, where you will meet and stay with small order farmers.

The fees paid to participate to these camps and day trip will fund

  • 2 combine huller for Kiambu and Nyeri
  • 40 ft container storage / coffee lab in Kiambu
  • coffee lab equipment  for Kiambu and Nyeri
  • fund permaculture, beekeeping and SCA education for farmers


In this school, we will be work on improving Farmers’  living by

  • Developing their knowledge, with educations,
  • Improving the quality of their coffee, by working the farmers on the field,
  • Opening a new markets, with new processes, and by developing local roasted coffee for local market,
  • Encouraging Origin Trips to engage the coffee consuming world with small holders African coffee producers,
  • Organising SCA Education Camps, where international students will interact with local coffee professional.

Regine L. Guion-Firmin.

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