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SCA Education at Origin / Origin Trips

Training For Beans!

SCA Training at Origin & Origin Trips!

Producing countries are the future of specialty coffee: they have the farms, the coffee shops, the roasteries, the passion and dedication to drive our industry forward.

But it is also where SCA training is most in demand – and where it can have the biggest impact.

Who are we?

We are ASTs (Authorized SCA Trainer) who provide SCA education at Origin from the farm to the barista.

What is our aim: 

  • running international coffee education camps that help us fund low cost SCA training to farmers, producers, coffee professional working at origin
  • training at least 5 Kenyan ASTs (able to teach at least 3 modules) by the end of 2019
  • creating new and stronger Kenyan Coffee Champions
  • improving the coffee the Kenyan specialty coffee scene


Let’s keep Kenya exciting!