AVPA – African Coffee Roasted at Origin Contest

Join the 1st “Coffees roasted at origin”contest
in Africa

AVPA – Nairobi September 2022


-Estate Coffee:
Coffee from a single estate, roasted in the property where it was harvested or, at least, under the responsibility of the farmer.

-Regional Coffee:
Coffee presented by a regional roaster living in the Province from which are issued the green coffees roasted.

-National Coffee:
Coffee presented by a nationwide roaster residing in the country from which are issued the green coffees roasted.


-Compare yourself with other African producers of excellence

Obtain recognition for the work done and value the company and its employees in their environment.

Receive an impartial opinion on the product acceptance on the African, French and European market.

Increase sales in the national and international market.


AVPA is a NGO mainly composed of producers from all over the world.

Its objective is to promote agricultural producers who develop their exceptional products from their country of origin. 


The jury is made up of professionals of the coffee industry (producers, roasters and distributors), chefs, gourmets or discerning consumers.
The best products in each category receive the award certificate

“African Gourmet Or” / Gold
“African Gourmet Argent” / Silver
“African Gourmet Bronze” / Bronze

and will qualify to participate to Paris Contest – 2022, and have a chance to receive the award:

“Diplôme Produit Gourmet AVPA-Paris 2022”
(AVPA-Paris 2022 Gourmet Product Diploma)

To participate contact Regine@KaribuKahawaCamps.com

To participate, become an AVPA Member
90 € for producer or “Estate coffee”
500€ for any other professional
1,500€ for professional organisation

Technical cost for coffees in direct Brewing
100€ / each coffee tasting

Technical cost for Espresso
150€ / each coffee tasting

Participants in the World Coffee Cupping Class training will benefit from a 30% discount on the invoice for your entry into the competition.


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