Coffee Sustainability Program – Professional Level

Coffee Sustainability Program

Course Description

The Professional level offers an intensive, practical experience in which students design, carry out, and assess their own sustainability projects in accordance with their organisation’s goals and capabilities. The Professional class is designed to be taught over a period of several months to a year, with in-class sessions (online or in person) supporting students as they carry out their projects. The Sustainability Professional makes educated choices about trade-offs and costs and is a leader in Sustainability programming within the SCA and the specialty industry at large.

  • Identify measures of accountability and progress on a particular sustainability issue

  • Engage extensively with debates, policies, and practices of sustainability across multiple points of the value chain

  • Lead others in discussion and practice of these issues, and serve as a mentor for future students

  • Identify, develop, carry out, and assess a sustainability effort that fits within their organisation’s capabilities, is measurable and trackable, has structures of accountability, and is critically reflexive about its successes and failures

  • Serve as an advocate for intelligent sustainability programming across the coffee industry by participating as a mentor to future students

Course Duration
  • Online + Live course : 8 hours + 7 months project
Course Fees
  • Live & Online course
    • SCA Members
      • Tuition : to be announced by the AST
      • SCA certification : $250
    • Non-SCA Members
      • Tuition : To be announced by the AST
      • SCA 1 year membership : $80
      • SCA Certification : $250

Use the form below for more info or email Erika Koss

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