Coffee Sustainability Program – Intermediate Level

Coffee Sustainability Program

Course Description

The Intermediate course builds on concepts introduced in Foundation to develop student ability to analyse and interpret a variety of different types of sustainability projects.

After completing the Intermediate level, students be able to articulate different ideas about defining and measuring sustainability and sustainable development in order to better understand and assess the major issues facing specialty coffee.

  • Gain exposure to different sustainability approaches in the value chain, with a firm grasp of the defining issues in at least two parts of the chain most relevant to the student

  • Have a more detailed understanding of collective action and what platforms exist to collaborate, leverage resources, and share results

  • Understand and be able to articulate how progress on sustainability initiatives is measured and defined in a variety of contexts

  • Be able to assess case studies and sustainability research

  • Develop a plan to move forward on a sustainability initiative within their own organisation

Course Duration
  • To be plan with the AST
Course Fees
  • Live course / Online course
    • Tuition Fee : To be announced by the AST

Use the form below for more info or email Erika Koss


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