SCA Roasting Intermediate

SCA Roasting

Course Description

Learn about the roasting process, including roast cycle, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production.

Intermediate level is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills. Experience working in the field is recommended for this level. Courses at the Intermediate level usually take a minimum of 2 days.

Next Course
Course Duration
  • Live course : 20 hours
  • Online course : 20 hours 
Online Course Requirement

You will be advised if you do not have access to these equipment

  • 12 Cupping Bowls or 200ml glasses
  • 3 cupping spoons
  • 2kg of green coffee
  • Spring water and kettle
  • Access to a sample roaster (gas or pulsed air)
Course Fees
  • Tuition
    • Live : Ksh30,000 / Online : Ksh24,000
    • SCA Certification : Ksh15,000
    • Become SCA member :
  • Points toward your SCA Diploma  
    • 10 points
  • BIHC registration fee

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