Barista Training and SCA Education for hospitality in Kenya

Group training for hospitality

Group training for hospitality.
  • Each group should have minimum 5 students and max 10 (1 extra days might be added for group from 7 to 10 people)
  • Fees will be of Ksh25000/per group/day + SCA certification (Optional ONLY for foundation level)
  • Any Intermediate and Professional level course will be done with the SCA certification.
  • A 3 months periods should be observed between Intermediate and Professional level.
  • Intermediate certification is needed to access Professional level.
SCA Foundation Level / Introduction to coffee
  • 2 days
SCA Intermediate Level 
  • Brewing:3 days
  • Barista skills: 3 days
  • Green coffee: 4 days
  • Sensory skills: 4 days
SCA Professional level
  • Brewing: 4 days
  • Barista skills: 4 days
  • Green Coffee: 5 days
  • Sensory Skills: 5 days
SCA certification Fee (for East African resident students only)
  • Introduction to Coffee: Ksh15000
  • Foundation: Ksh15000
  • Intermediate: Ksh25000
  • Professional: Ksh35000
To know about the advantages of getting an SCA membership, watch this video
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