SCA E-Learning

at BOMA International

Hospitality College


How does this work?

  • Month 1: Student will watch do the theory online, through video course and Zoom Meetings and do several theoretical test, for one month.
  • Month 2: The following month, students will have to attends practical classes and a practical exam at Boma International Hospitality College.
  • Month 3: Students will receive a link from SCA, which will give access to the final theoretical exam. 
Once this is done, SCA will email us if the student passed or failed. 
PASSED: Well done!! You will receive your SCA certificat and Boma International Hospitality College shortly
FAILED: SCA will send a recap exam (extra charges may apply). 
The advantage of this method is that anybody can start at any time, at her/his own rhythm, because all the zoom meetings are one to one.
Only the practical exam will be in a small group.

How to register?

For the course, the students will have to contact Boma International Hospitality College or contact Régine  

What are the fees?

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